Membership Based Web Systems


Most websites you visit today incorporate membership based web systems. Whether this is the website of a free newspaper where you are required to log-in to view content and comment or a formal subscription plan where you gain access to members-only materials after payment, membership based web systems are extremely popular.

DANG designs creates Membership Based Web Systems that allow for shared user access at an unlimited number of levels that may include paid members, unpaid members, prospective clients, current clients, board members, expired users and more. We utilize access control level design best practices to organize who gets access to what without compromising the confidentiality of information stored on the site.

HONNA Membership

We also provide ongoing support for website managers and users to ensure that everyone understands how to use the website. Not only does it reduce frustration, but it makes sense from a customer service standpoint. Nobody wants a poorly designed website or the lack of support to limit what they can accomplish.

Because the websites we develop are customized, we can incorporate features that your specific project needs. For instance, we can incorporate secure payment processing right on the site itself, reducing reliance on third party vendors. We can also add popular features found on other types of websites such as newsletter integration.

If you need a customized and secure membership based web system, contact us at DANG designs for a personalized quote.