Web Development & Design

You need your business’s website to reflect your business, educate prospective customers and convert them into leads. Many business experts highlight the importance of having a website. However, they fail to mention that the type of website your business uses matters almost as much as having an online presence does. 

All of your competitors have websites. Many of them may even look the same. With the high number of websites your business competes against, you need a highly functional website that helps establish your company’s credibility and professionalism long before any sales take place.

It’s important to recognize how your customers will visit the site. Most likely, they’ll find your site through their smartphones. That’s why at DANG designs we focus on creating a mobile first design that’s as beautiful as it is functional. We specialize in cross device user friendly interfaces (UI) and cross device positive user experience (UX) methodologies that promote increased customer engagement.

To see some great examples of recent website development work DANG designs has completed, contact us today for an inside look.