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Hosting & Email Services (GCP & AWS)

Our web hosting services offer the facilities required to create and maintain a site and make it accessible on the World Wide Web.

Hosting through providers such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides an additional layer of security while producing several additional redundancies to protect and properly present your data.  This is performed through the use of load balancers, security firewalls, and routine backup procedures.

Email hosting runs through the use of our email servers.  Most web hosting companies provide you with email hosting as well; however, the email hosting service provided by most web hosting companies only supplies you with POP3 email and the basics in spam/virus protection and other features. We take a proactive approach to ensure malicious intruders are unable to gain access at all. 

Endpoint Protection

Protect your devices from threats and cyber-attacks.

Endpoints connect to your IT networks, and unsecured endpoints can lead to data theft and system shutdowns. You need endpoint protection to protect your IT systems from attack through an endpoint breach. It also protects data on employee PCs.

Our solutions are cloud-based and reach all your devices to perform patches with minimal impact on your network. We automate scans to run every twenty-four hours and deploy patches at the same time every week. With scalability features, your network will be just as secure when your business grows.

Our protection covers Anti-virus, Anti-Spam, Malware protection, Privacy and Identity Protection, Patch Management, Content Filtering, Remote Control, Online Backup, Secure Internet Gateway, and Secure Web Gateway.

Custom Applications

Built for your business.

Custom applications are designed to address your specific needs instead of traditional, standard software. Your website should do anything you want it to, whether it’s personalizing the shopping experience on your e-commerce store or instantly accessing your website’s analytics. We’ll turn your ideas into a website that meets your customer’s distinct needs with a user-friendly interface.