Promotion Strategy & Execution

Most business owners recognize the popular buzzwords like “SEO,” “PPC” and “Social Media". They may hear all about them on business blogs, at industry conferences and from expert marketers. However, unless you have experience in what works for what type of businesses, it can be difficult and distracting to implement these strategies into practice.

DANG designs has the expertise you need to take over your business’s digital marketing efforts. We’ll collaborate with you to create an effective promotional strategy unique to your business and industry. Once approved, we’ll execute the plan to incorporate social media, PPC advertising and SEO into your business’s marketing efforts.

In terms of SEO, we focus on both onsite and offsite SEO. Onsite SEO is where your website is optimized to reflect the keywords your target customers use to find companies like yours. Although most SEO companies focus their efforts on onsite SEO, this isn’t the only type of SEO your business needs. Your business also benefits from offsite SEO, where other websites have been optimized to lead to your website.

If your business wants to brand itself to stand out from competitors and grow market share, contact us today for a free consultation.