In a modern business world, companies need innovative marketing and branding solutions that drive sales and differentiate businesses from their competitors, especially online. Without a cohesive branding strategy that’s executed flawlessly, companies may face trouble securing long-term customers. That’s why DANG designs, Inc. offers a unique combination of marketing, promotional strategy, and web development services created for the 21st century business. At DANG designs, we take a holistic and comprehensive approach to digital marketing. We partner with our clients to develop and test a promotional strategy unique to their business goals. We start by learning about your business and assessing your needs to develop a customized plan. Next, we design and develop websites that aren’t based on overused templates. Instead, your website is built utilizing a mobile-first design perfect to spearhead mobile sales conversions with cross device user friendly interfaces. All client websites are hosted on a highly secure server shared by a small number of only vetted professional businesses. This is critical for e-commerce websites that may otherwise face security and privacy concerns with customer payment data. Last, we drive traffic to your site with SEO, PPC advertising and social media. Unlike other digital marketing firms, DANG designs focuses on both on-site and off-site SEO strategies. We know that if you want to successfully gain digital market share, you need to use both. Our deep understanding of branding allows us to go beyond the services offered by a traditional website development firm and complete a wider range of services for clients who want a good looking and cohesive brand. We develop a comprehensive brand identity for our clients with business cards, trade show and convention booths, product packaging, and numerous other collateral materials.